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dc.creatorRadović, Vesela
dc.creatorJovanović, Desimir
dc.creatorJakovljević, Vladimir
dc.creatorZdravković, Martina
dc.description.abstractSacral structures are part of everyday life and essential elements of civilization and culture of the people they belong to. In the Republic of Serbia, after a long period of atheism, traditional churches and religious communities are trying to find their place and role in the society. Each of them has a basic need to have buildings that serve as places of worship and gathering of the congregation. Fires in sacral structures are frequent due to various causes. The way to protect them from this danger is a question for numerous participants in the field of protection in Vojvodina. Results of the investigation realized in 2005 and 2006 have contributed to a better understanding of the need for their protection. The obtained results confirm the fundamental hypothesis that fire protection of such structures is not adequately defined in the society. Furthermore, they are a base for defining measures and activities of all subjects responsible for fire protection of sacral structures. In Serbia, the observed problem cannot be discussed only as a technical question, which can be easily solved by fire protection experts, nor is the protection an exclusive obligation of services dealing with heritage and users of immovable cultural goods. The solution of the problem requires a sensitive approach of the entire social community.en
dc.publisherVsb-Tech Univ Ostrava, Ostrava
dc.sourcePozarni Ochrana 2010
dc.subjectFire protectionen
dc.subjectsacral structureen
dc.subjecttraditional churchen
dc.subjectprotective measuresen
dc.subjectcultural goodsen
dc.subjectsubjects of protectionen
dc.subjectreligious toleranceen
dc.subjectreligious communityen
dc.titleFire protection of sacral structures in Vojvodina, Republic of Serbiaen
dcterms.abstractРадовић, Весела; Здравковић, Мартина; Јовановић, Десимир; Јаковљевић, Владимир;
dc.citation.other: 269-275

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