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      Health issues as security issues [1]
      Hemijski terorizam i ugroženost kritične hemijske infrastrukture od terorističkih akata [1]
      History of psychoanalysis in Serbia in the twentieth century [1]
      Hooligans in Serbia in the triangle of sport, politics, and crime [1]
      Household earthquake preparedness in Serbia: a study of selected municipalities [1]
      Household supplies for natural disaster: factor of influence on the possession of supplies [1]
      How to read U.S.-Turkish relations: An analysis of scholar literature [1]
      Hronologija reforme policije [1]
      Hronologija reforme sistema civilne zaštite [1]
      Huligani u Srbiji u trouglu sporta, politike i kriminala [1]
      Human rights and human security [1]
      Identitet mladih - bezbednosno pitanje ljudskih resursa Srbije [1]
      Impact of 'may' floods on state of human security in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Impact of climate change on the distribution of extreme temperatures as natural disasters [1]
      Impact of the status of military obligations on preparedness for flood disaster in Serbia [1]
      Implementation of the Gender Perspective in the Undergraduate Curriculum of the Faculty of Security Studies [1]
      In search of the principles of resilient urban design: Implementability of the principles in the case of the cities in Serbia [2]
      Influence of personal and environmental factors on the expectation of help from various entities and first responders during natural disasters [1]
      Influence of the human factor on risks in an open-pit mine [1]
      Informacija i kreacija - Vladimir N. Cvetković: Sociologija - osnovni problemi, pojmovi, pristupi, Fakultet bezbednosti, JP 'Službeni glasnik', Beograd, 2009 [1]