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      Damage mechanism and barrier identification on hydrogen production unit using innovative methodology for risk assessment [1]
      Dark side of personality and psychological help in crisis [1]
      Das neue strategische Konzept der NATO und die russische Initiative für die Änderung der europäischen Sicherheitsarchitektur [1]
      Defense system integrity building and corruption risk combating: Experiences of NATO and Partnership for Peace member countries [1]
      Development a Comprehensive Food Safety System in Serbia-A Narrative Review Article [1]
      Development of democratic civilian control of the military in transition period of some neighboring countries [1]
      Didactics of Military Ethics-From theory to practis, Attitudes of Military Academy Cadets on Code of Honour of the Serbian Army [1]
      Differentiation between Definitions of Extremism and Terrorism as a Necessity in Contemporary Security Culture [1]
      Domaće TV serije i nacionalna osećanja omladine Beograda [1]
      Doprinos konstruktivističke paradigme studijama bezbednosti [1]
      Dragan Mlađan: Bezbednost u vanrednim situacijama [1]
      Drinking water resources as a source of the Israeli-Arab conflicts [1]
      Društvena bezbednost u Srbiji [1]
      Društvene promene i moderna kriza - izazov za teoriju i menadžersku praksu [1]
      Društvo znanja i moderni menadžment [1]
      dummy [1]
      Džihad kao globalni terorizam [1]
      Economic aspects of corporate security [1]
      Educating managers for action [1]
      Educational needs and strategies of security studies development [1]