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      A Historical Overview of the Relation Between Technological Development and the Ability to Manage the Perception During War Conflicts [1]
      A methodology for assessment of human security parameters in local community [1]
      A Model of Security Management System for Transportation Systems [1]
      A new cold war or continuation of the old one [1]
      A performance measurement procedure for corporate security management [1]
      A Possible Model of the Responses in the Republic of Serbia in the Protection of Critical infrastructure [1]
      A survey of subjective opinions of population about seismic resistance of residential buildings [1]
      Abuse of cyber space as means of mass communication [1]
      Activities of modern intelligence services in cyberspace [1]
      Agricultural entrepreneurship, environmental protection and insurance [1]
      Aktivnosti savremenih obaveštajnih službi u kiber prostoru [1]
      An Ethical Review of Euthanasia and Physician-assisted Suicide [1]
      Analiza geoprostorne i vremenske distribucije zemljotresa kao prirodnih katastrofa [1]
      Analysis of geospatial and temporal distribution of earthquakes as natural disasters [1]
      Anthropology of sexual exploitation [1]
      Anti-terrorist security assessment [1]
      Antička Atina kao društvo učenja [1]
      Antropologija seksualne eksploatacije [1]
      Application of innovative risk assessment methodology for damage mechanisms identification on part of amine regeneration unit [2]
      Applying fact analysis on security phenomena in the sphere of white-collar crime [1]